It's only been two days since the CEO of Deciem took to Instagram with his latest rant, claiming that a slew of "illegal activity" has resulted in his decision to close down the Canadian beauty brand. With beauty lovers unable to grab their favourite products as of yesterday, its only taken 48 hours for lovers of the brand to enter full freak-out mode. 

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While many initially thought the latest rant from CEO Brandon Tuaxe was merely a publicity stunt, no standing Deciem locations are answering their phones and every store is now listed as "closed" - clearly, this is no marketing ploy. 

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As a result, this means we could be saying goodbye to the brand's iconic $7 foundation as well as their numerous serums and makeup products that we've all come to know and love. With little to no warning and opportunity to stock up on their favourite products, a lot of fans of The Ordinary - one of Deciem's most popular brands - are not impressed. 

Though, while you can't get The Ordinary from Deciem locations any more, you do have a few options. The Ordinary left Sephora earlier this year, but the brand is still carried at The Bay where the site is still showing stock for most of their products. 

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As of now, 13 products ranging from their fluid primer to lactic acid solution are currently listed on the site. Apart from The Bay, you can also still buy The Ordinary products from Deciem's website.

The trick is you have to go directly to The Ordinary's branch of the website rather than Deciem. To do that, all you've got to do is Google "The Ordinary website" and it'll be the first link that shows up. 

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It's assumed that, if this story continues down the path it's currently on, you will eventually have to say goodbye to your favourite fluid primer and vitamin C serum.

On the bright side, though, companies such as The INKEY List and Garden of Wisdom Skincare are also amazing alternatives for cheap, quality skincare products. Even though they are both UK-based brands, their low prices and high-performance results already have people forgetting about the duties. 

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While we can only hope that this whole fiasco gets sorted out and we won't actually have to say goodbye to the revolutionary Canadian beauty brand, it's probably best to prepare for the worst. That is, after we stock up on a year's supply of our favourite products from The Ordinary to delay the goodbye. 

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