Hurricane Harvey has devastated hundreds of thousand of people in Houston, Texas, when residents were hit with over 40 inches of rainfall over the past several days. Though it has since been downgraded to a tropical storm, Hurricane Harvey continues to rage on, with another expected 10 inches of rainfall by the end of week. 

Canada has only seen 2 storms in the past several years that resulted in major flooding. In June of 2013, Calgary was hit with 230mm of rainfall in a bit over a day. The next month, Toronto was slammed with 125mm of water over Pearson Airport and the downtown core - neither amount however comes close to the tyranny that is Hurricane Harvey considering over 1000 mm of precipitation has hit the city in a mere 2 days. 

According to meteorologists, by the time Hurricane Harvey will have shed 21 trillion gallons from the storm. That roughly converts to 56.8 trillion litres, or 56.8 cubic kilometres of water.

According to the Weather Network, here's what Canada's major cities would look like if they received THAT much water. 





Though it's highly unlikely that Canada will ever see a storm of this magnitude, it's important to show empathy for those in Houston by visualizing their situation. You can donate to Hurricane Harvey Relief via the Red Cross here. 

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