Remember that time two Toronto police officers decided to do edibles on the job and then called for back up and an ambulance because they started hallucinating? It turns out there is a lot more to be said about these cops past the new details regarding the investigation, and yes the story has gotten even funnier. 

After the two cops were revealed, people went sleuthing and found some ridiculously amazing social media posts from one cop in particular, Vittorio Dominelli. How ridiculous and amazing are these posts? Take a look for yourself: 

Yes that is Vittorio, in his cop uniform, in the parking lot of a police station making a music video (?) If you are getting war flashbacks of the embarrassing videos you used to film via Photo Booth on your Macbook in middle school, don't worry you aren't the only one. Though if you thought that was it, you'll be pleasantly surprised to know there was some even more hilarious content the officer had posted to his social media.. again in his uniform

Apart from the secondhand embarrassment for this guy, there are some new details regarding the actual investigation of both officers. It turns out that yes, doing edibles and calling back up and an ambulance after getting too high does result in a performance review. Especially if said edibles could have been from a drug raid they had participated in the day before. Though it turns out they could actually get criminal charges. 

@torontopoliceembedded via

The news came after both Vito Dominelli and Jamie Young were told it would not just be a general investigation into their slip up, but a criminal investigation- yikes. While it doesn't mean that Dominelli and Young are heading to the slammer, it does mean that it's a possibility. Guess that serves as a lesson that nobody really needed, don't do edibles on the job.. especially if you're a police officer. 

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