It's been a wild week for Deciem lovers and Estee Lauder after Deciem's CEO at the time, Brandon Truaxe took to Instagram with a cryptic video that rocked the beauty community. In that video, he claimed everyone at Deciem, as well as Estee Lauder, had been involved in 'illegal activity' and as a result, he would be shutting the company down. 

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Since then Estee Lauder, the beauty giant that happens to hold a significant stake of Deciem took Truaxe to court in an attempt to get him removed as CEO from the company after his stunt. It was announced Friday that Estee Lauder's request had been approved and Brandon Truaxe was officially out.

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It wasn't just Truaxe that was gone though, Estee Lauder also removed Deciem's Instagram account that was run by the ex CEO. The account was a controversial one considering that while it was supposed to be a Deciem brand account, the posts were quite controversial and offensive posts that Truaxe posted personally. With most of the photos having little to do with Deciem products. 

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With the Instagram account still down today, many fans of the brand are confused as to whether the brand's stores are still closed and if so, if they'll ever reopen. Thankfully, for concerned fans of brands like Deciem and their sister brand, The Ordinary, the stores are up and running as of today. 

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Meaning that you can now visit all of your local Deciem locations and grab your favourite products. Quite honestly, we'd still recommend stocking up on your favourite products if you do visit this weekend just to be safe. 

With Deciem representatives having yet to comment on the situation and Brandon Truaxe staying uncharacteristically quiet about the situation, it's unclear what the next moves for the brand will be. Whether Truaxe will appeal the decision to be dropped as CEO or not, it's nice to know that for now, our favourite Canadian beauty brand is back up and running. 

Source: Toronto Star 


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