The Weather Network has just announced that Global Warming may be the cause of this extremely cold weather brought by the Polar Vortex.  The past month of winter has been brutal, especially for Ontarioians who have been hit by the freezing Polar Vortex. With transportation shutting down, extreme cold warnings being released almost daily, and Environment Canada warning that you can get frostbite in mere minutes, Canadians are starting to wonder why exactly this Polar Vortex seems to be hitting Canada so hard this winter. 

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Parts of Canada have set into a deep freeze over the past few weeks as this Polar Vortex continues to push through Canada, and it's even travelling into parts of the United States. 

This Polar Vortex can be described as the coldest air on the planet as it usually rests at the top of the Northern Hemisphere near the Northpole. This vortex sits above the Polar Jet Stream, which a strong stream of westerly winds. As the Arctic starts to warm up, these jet streams weaken which can cause the Polar Vortex to move farther South. 

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As we are facing extremely cold temperatures in Canada, it's because the North Pole is currently facing a heat wave with temperatures rising 14°C more than normal.    

The heat wave that the North Pole is facing can be due to the mass of greenhouse gas emissions that the human population is pumping into the air. In the past 50 years, the planet has warmed by about 1°C, yet the Arctic has warmed more than twice as much. 

This can already be seen through the dramatic melting of ice and snow throughout the Arctic in recent years. 

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As the Arctic continues to warm, these jet streams continue to weaken and its energy can travel up to the Polar Vortex, which can cause the Polar Vortex to split into two or more vortices which will then wander South and bring the extremely cold air with them. 

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As Global Warming continues to warm up our planet, especially the North Pole, it is starting to bring the Polar Vortex south and giving Canadians colder weather than we are used to. 

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