Your summer is about to get much better! The classic BC-based drink we all know and love just got way bigger! That’s right – Hey Y'all has introduced a new 10 litre "bag in box" drink that looks like a legit adult juice box. I don’t know about you, but I’m so ready for it. 

Hey Y'all's new massive drink has been released just in time for summer. The company released this information to the public earlier today on their Instagram.

According to the post, the 10 L of spiked iced teas will be contained in a box similar to boxed wine. It will even have an easy-to-pour dispenser. 

It looks too good to be true but we can assure you it’s not! The company even said so themselves. "10L of lovin’ coming in hawt (not a joke),” wrote Hey Y'all in their Instagram caption.

According to the BC Liquor Stores website, you can already buy this delicious shareable drink in stores across the province. For only $45.49, it can be yours, which isn’t that bad considering the amount of liquid you would get. Not to mention, how many Instagram photo opportunities it will give you.

This massive drink will even save you some money. We broke the math down for you to save you the trouble – each can of Hey Y'all is 341 ml. Cases usually come in 12 packs or packs of 6. 

If you were to get your typical 12 pack of the 341 ml cans, it would be around 4.09 L of drink for about $23.29. So why get two 12 packs of 8.18L for $46.58, when you could get a juice bag filled with 10 L for $45.49? 

This bag in a box will seriously be perfect for your next party, BBQ, or patio get-together. Just don’t drink it alone! 

Starting now, this epic bag in a box can be purchased at a number of locations across BC. You can visit BC Liquor's website to find the closest retailer near you. Please drink responsibly. 

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