DISCLAIMER: Steckle Heritage Farms is not involved in this investigation and is merely a popular destination nearby to both tourists and locals. This incident occurred outside of their property in Steckle Woods. 

Many scary stories have been written around the idea of hikers finding a dead body in the woods. While it's been fictional in the past, a couple of hikers in Kitchener, Ontario today found what we all dread finding in a dark forest. 

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Just after 12:00 PM today, some hikers were walking through a forested park area when they discovered a dead body. As they walked through the Steckle Woods they noticed the body and called the police. 

Waterloo Regional Police are currently sweeping a grid of the area to try and understand how this body ended up there. They're also trying to figure out whether or not the circumstances have made this death suspicious. 

They did comment on the body though, stating that the police believe "the body has been there for quite some time." Obviously, this makes it that much harder to identify the body. 

While Waterloo Regional Police are currently asking people to avoid the scene of the crime, that particular corner of the forest is usually quite popular. 

The area the body was found in is a wooded area known as Steckle Woods. It's nearby the Steckle Heritage Farm, which is home to a petting zoo, walking trail and a very popular wedding venue. 

Due to the popularity of the nearby farm with both locals and tourists, the wooded area is typically busy during hiking season, making this body a shocking discovery. 

Considering that this is a residential area, people are very concerned that this body has turned up. Police did have a pathologist on site to help determine the cause of death but due to the delay in finding the body, it may take some time. 

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Source: CBC

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