There are certain products that have become almost impossible to find in the last few weeks. Some people have offered up the idea of making your own homemade hand sanitizer. However, Health Canada wants everyone to know that doing so can be hazardous.

In an April 2 news release, Canada's Public Health Agency issued an advisory about the potential problems with sanitizer that people are making themselves.

Some of these are minor issues such as skin irritation or increased sensitivity and allergies.

However, the biggest problem with homemade hand sanitizers is that the concentration of alcohol in them can sometimes be too low to actually have strong enough disinfecting properties.

Health Canada acknowledges that the World Health Organization has a recipe that is publicly available. They note, though, that this is intended for licensed manufacturers in controlled environments.

The agency wants anyone who has been using homemade sanitizing products to stop doing so immediately. They recommend simply washing your hands for at least 20 seconds as often as possible.

Hand sanitizer isn't completely off the table. If you need to use some, health officials say to make sure that any product should include a Natural Product Number (NPN) or Drug Identification Number (DIN).

They also say that sanitizing products being produced by breweries or wineries will have these numbers if they have been authorized by Health Canada to make it.

The agency has also published a list of approved brands and products that you can consult to make sure your products are legit.

While there have been plenty of recipes published online for hand sanitizer you can make at home, there have also been people who refute its effectiveness.

Health Canada assures people that while there is a higher demand for hand sanitizer, there is also an Expedited Access Process in place so companies can seek approval to begin producing these types of products.

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