Waking up to see drunk texts sent during a boozy night is basically everyone's worst nightmare. But in this case, it isn't just social shame that this texter needed to worry about. These drunk texts were sent from a teacher in Hope, B.C. to a grade 12 student along with a whole slew of other inappropriate texts and in-person interactions. The Hope teacher was suspended as a result of her communication with the female student.

According to the Consent Resolution Agreement between the teacher and the British Columbia Commissioner for Teacher Regulation, the teacher, Chelsea Dawn Cromarty, has admitted to a number of offences in relation to the grade 12 student.

The offences include sending messages on Instagram and Facebook Messenger, inviting the student to “hang” with her outside of school, taking the student for a ride in her car, asking the student to be friends during a phone call, and drunk texting the student.

These behaviours, among many others, have resulted in a two-month suspension of Cromarty’s teaching certificate. According to CBC News, the teen was a student in one of Cromarty's classes.

The first points of contact were made on social media in May 2018. The messages became “increasingly personal,” according to the agreement.


The Agreement outlines that the teacher was aware that the student was dealing with personal struggles.

At one point, the teacher took the student into a separate room during class time. When they were alone, the teacher spoke at length about her personal life, including information about her marriage.

When the teacher asked the student to “hang,” the student accepted the invitation but later declined.

Still, Cromarty picked the student up at her home and took her for a car ride. During the car ride, she discussed how she’d like to be friends after the student graduated.

The following morning, Cromarty sent a text that said “Get your ass in gear. You need to be here before 9.”

After the student stopped responding, Cromarty called the student, saying she wanted to be friends. The student re-iterated that she did not want to be friends.

Next, Cromarty wrote the student a three-page letter about her desire to be friends.

The letter was followed by a text in which Cromarty said she was “incredibly drunk” and “sad about the way things ended,” she also sent a photo of herself sticking out her tongue. Cromarty had drawn mouse ears, whiskers, and a heart on her nose over the photo.

The drunken exchange finished with Cromarty asking if the student was going to respond. When the student said she wouldn’t be responding, Cromarty asked if it was because of her drunkness or because “you still don’t trust me/don’t believe me,” explained the Agreement.

Cromarty has signed the Agreement, admitting to everything outlined above. 

If you've ever wanted to ghost someone, you can only imagine how hard it would be if they were your teacher.

Recently, B.C. teachers have been suspended for an array of reasons including showing students creepy YouTube videos and even telling a student to kill themselves.

Narcity has reached out to Hope Secondary for comment and we will update this story when we receive a response.

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