At the end of all of this, many people will have learned how to bake at home. They've got plenty of time and some even have a lot of resources. Among them is a woman in Nova Scotia who is using the internet to share her recipes. 

Mary Janet MacDonald has joined the growing group of people sharing baking tutorials online, right from her own kitchen.

It started with a livestream where the Cape Breton baker shared her recipe for cinnamon buns (but not before giving a shoutout to all her kids, grandkids, and sons and daughters-in-law).

MacDonald takes viewers through the entire process, even sharing the story of how she got started making the cinnamon rolls herself.

The video blew up, garnering more than 66,000 views and over 2,000 likes. It led to the creation of a fan page called Tunes and Wooden Spoons

There, she has shared even more of her own recipes as well as videos by other people, including Antigonish Deputy Mayor Mary Ferrell, who shared how to make some great shortbread cookies.

For anyone looking to learn how to bake tasty treats in their own home, MacDonald's videos take their time and run you through every step. The four videos she's made so far each run almost an hour.

The Nova Scotian has made all of her tutorials available on a YouTube channel, as well as on her Facebook fan page.

In addition to her cinnamon rolls, she's also shared how to make chocolate chip cookies and porridge bread.

Her latest video is all about making something she calls Crispy Crunch squares, which feature peanut butter, caramel, chocolate, and Rice Krispies.

"They store really well in the fridge (although get kind of hard but still good)" MacDonald writes in her recipe, which "makes tons."

MacDonald also uses her Facebook page to promote local music (including some songs from her son, Brennan).

She also lets people know where they can get a Cape Breton apron just like hers.

*Cover photo used for illustrative purposes. 

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