The creators of HQ Trivia just made the addicting app that much more appealing - to Canadians. If you haven't heard of this money-making app, then let me give you a refresher.

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The same designers that gave us the Vine app, created HQ Trivia not too long ago. Last year the game was introduced and in early January it was launched on Android. The free application quizzes you on general knowledge and you earn the chance to win real money!

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If you're familiar with the game, then you definitely know who Scott Rogowsky is. Fans of the app are pretty much obsessed with the quirky host and his definite good looks, but what's really interesting is Rogowsky's obsession with Canada!

Canadians players have taken notice that the host has made so many references to Canada during the game! He references places like Moose Jaw, the "Canadian Tuxedo", and SCTV. He even told CBC News, that he loves Canada and wishes it was his country. Aww, he's smitten with us.

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It turns out that the host of the hit trivia app actually worked in Canada back in 2005! He used to drive trucks between Montreal all the way to Calgary! No wonder he knows so much about our beloved country. Not to mention, the hilarious host spent his childhood looking up to comedians like Rick Moranis and Martin Short.

The app runs like a real game show, you can join in on the live sessions twice a day at 3 PM ET and 6 PM ET to catch the handsome and hilarious host drop some more Canadian references (and win some serious cash). Is it just me, or do you get really excited by Americans loving our country?

Source: CBC News

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