Earlier this year, allegations were made that Canada’s prime minister Justin Trudeau inappropriately touched a female journalist back in 2000.

It sparked an uproar across the country, especially as we are now in what many are calling the #MeToo era.

Now, there’s a petition calling on the federal government to hold Justin Trudeau accountable for the allegations. 

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The petition is posted on Parliament’s official online petition portal and has been signed by thousands of Canadians from every province. The petition aims for the government to officially respond to the allegations made against the Prime Minister.

The petition says that “allegations of sexual misconduct against Justin Trudeau and his dismissive attitude toward them are both unacceptable and have resulted in a loss of confidence in him by the citizens of Canada.” 

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By not officially addressing the allegations, the government is being hypocritical, according to the petition, saying the current government has, “adopted a clear zero-tolerance approach in dealing with allegations of sexual misconduct against Members of Parliament.”

It points out that since Justin Trudeau has become the leader of the party back in 2013 that 4 members of the Liberal party have had to resign over sexual harassment allegations.

The petition would like Trudeau to be held to his own standards. At the time of writing the petition has a total of 4235 signatures. 

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According to the government’s official petitions site, petitions that get over 500 signatures by the time they close require an official response from the government.

This means that the government will have to choose whether to do what this petition asks by at least mid-January of next year.  

The petition can be seen here

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