If you were hoping to get your double-double before work this morning and were unable to, we might have the answer as to why. Last week, hundreds of Tim Hortons franchises were hit by nasty malware that caused our favourite doughnut and coffee shops to close across the nation. 

The malware specifically affected the cash register systems, making transactions unlikely. Some stores were left with one or two working registers, whereas other stores had zero working registers. The computer virus forced hundreds of restaurants to close causing sales to drop significantly and leaving Canadian customers disgruntled. 

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The Great White North Franchisee Association (GWNFA) which represents Tim Hortons franchisees is threatening legal action against Restaurant Brands International (RBI) regarding the malware. They were made aware of the malware problem last week yet RBI still hasn't met with the franchisees to discuss fixing the issue. If they refuse to meet with GWNAF by this Friday, they will go forward with litigation.  

We hope that RBI meets with GWNFA soon so we can get back to eating timbits and sipping on our favourite coffee.

Source: CTV News

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