While the rest of the province was tucked up in front of the television, hiding out from the rain, and munching through their snack rations, one Nova Scotia man was determined to face Hurricane Dorian head-on, literally! In a flag-flying, beer-drinking photo that has since gone viral, Logan White has revealed that he simply wanted to give the storm a massive “middle finger.”

In a post to his personal Facebook page on Sunday, White shared a photo of himself outdoors, in the midst of the much-awaited Hurricane Dorian. He added the caption, “Dorian? Never heard of her…”.

Shortly after, the image of flag-wielding, beer-sipping White facing-off against Cow Bay’s stormy waters caught the attention of the whole province, with some people suggesting it was like “accidental renaissance” art.

By the following week, the image had gone viral Canada-wide. The original post had been shared hundreds of times on Facebook, and had even earned its own Reddit thread.  

Speaking to Narcity on Thursday afternoon, White explained that he had not expected the image to blow up. “It's kind of cool to go viral I guess,” he said. “My co-workers have been teasing me about it!”

White told Narcity that the idea behind the viral photograph had fallen into place pretty organically. He explained, “My girlfriend and I had the Canadian flag hanging in our window for several months, so I took it down and fastened it to a broomstick.”

He went on, “The storm was coming so we were going to stock up on alcohol and snacks either way, so I chose Keith's beer because it's the local Halifax beer and I figured I may use it in the photo somehow.”

White explained that the water’s edge was only minutes away from his house, making it the perfect destination for the unique shot. “I knew the wind was coming from the direction of the water so it would open the flag up nicely. The rest was just going out and actually doing it.”

White noted that his girlfriend, who took the viral photo, was reluctant to face the stormy weather at first, but said that it didn’t take too long for them to get the perfect shot they wanted.

He explained, “We go to that location all the time so we know the terrain quite well, and I have dealt with rough seas and harsh weather before, just not recreationally!”

While White admitted that he and his girlfriend had seen some negative reactions to the photo, he said that the positives far outweighed anything else. “I'm trying not to let it get to me either way,” he said.

When asked if he would brave another Nova Scotia storm for the perfect shot, he answered, “I might! There's certainly nothing stopping me!"

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