Hurricane Dorian has left Nova Scotia, and even though it has been downgraded to a post-tropical cyclone, residents of Newfoundland are still being warned to be ready for the storm. Nova Scotia residents have a lot to clean up and take care of after their visit from Dorian, but there's one thing they need to do first: get a coffee from Timmies.

Well, apparently everyone had the same idea because according to at least one estimate from a Twitter user, the line up for the drive-thru at a Halifax location was four miles long! Hopefully, people had some good albums or podcasts to listen to during the wait. CBC's Brett Ruskin provided a sped-up video that gave a clear impression of just how long that is.

A Tim Hortons location in Dartmouth was one of the only businesses open right after Dorian passed over the province, and just like in Halifax, people were flocking to it in order to grab a cup of coffee before assessing the damage. Other Tim Hortons locations also saw line ups of people out the door and stretching back into the parking lot.

In one case, drivers lined up at one Tim Hortons only to tragically find out that it wasn't one of the locations that was going to be open post-storm. Looks like they'll have to go elsewhere for coffee and baked goods. Luckily, at least one heroic Halifax resident was providing not only fresh coffee, but also a charging station for people who had been without power. They also warned people not to drive, because the Timmies line up actually blocked the street!

Tim Hortons has been given a hard time in the past for various reasons, but the fact that they would open their doors to Canadians who just had to go through a hurricane is pretty amazing. We have to commend these locations for not only being open, but serving this many people.

And for anyone who wanted to recover from the hurricane by building a coffee table (you know, for coffee!), it's also good to know that the Ikea in Halifax is also open for business.

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