The Canadian public has accused Andrew Scheer of being a hypocrite after he tried to use shirts that he previously declared as ‘unpolitical’ as part of his election campaign. When Scheer tweeted his support of controversial "I Heart Canadian Oil" shirts while speaking about Justin Trudeau and the Conservative's election promises, Canadians were quick to call the leader out, noting he had just made the clothing political.

In a tweet on Tuesday afternoon, Scheer posted several photos from a Conservative rally in Calgary, including a shot of himself with a man who was wearing an “I love Canadian Oil and Gas” shirt. Scheer wrote, “Keep wearing those I love Canadian Oil & Gas shirts with pride, Alberta!”

The Conservative leader went on to add, “While Justin Trudeau talks down our energy sector, Conservatives will champion Canadian energy workers! It was a great night in Calgary. It’s time for you to get ahead!”

The controversial clothing first hit the headlines earlier this month, when multiple Canadians were asked to remove their “I love Canadian Oil and Gas” clothing when visiting Ottawa’s parliament. As the Senate prohibits any political messages on clothing in the building, the visitors were asked to either take off their sweaters or turn their t-shirts inside out.

In response to these reports, Andrew Scheer took to Twitter to share his opinion on the matter, tweeting that the removal requests were “absolutely ridiculous” as there was “nothing political” about the clothing. However, just one day later, Scheer used the t-shirts as part of his own political campaign, causing Canadians to call him out on his mixed messages.

One Twitter user responded to call Scheer out on Tuesday afternoon, writing, “Andrew Scheer: “There’s nothing political about those I love Canadian Oil & Gas shirts!”

Also Andrew Scheer: “Wear those I love Canadian Oil & Gas shirts with pride! Send a message to Justin Trudeau.””

Another Twitter user shared a similar tweet, responding to Andrew Scheer to say, “Hang on...starting to sound like maybe this is political.”

Another Canadian sarcastically added, “Yeah, those shirts totally aren't a 100% political message, being repeated over and over again by a career politician running for office…”

This isn’t the first time that Scheer has been called out for sending mixed messages on Twitter. Last week, Scheer was accused of being a hypocrite, after he called Justin Trudeau out for targeting him in ‘personal attacks.’ The Canadian public was quick to respond to Scheer, noting that he is just as guilty of making things personal as Trudeau is.

Scheer was also criticized recently for claiming to be ‘middle-class’ while sharing a photo of his new Conservative Party private jet, with many Canadians taking to Twitter to make jokes about Scheer’s ‘middle-class’-ness.

With Justin Trudeau getting accused of being high in his most recent Twitter video, and Andrew Scheer getting accused of being a hypocrite on more than one occasion, it has not been a great week for the major party leaders’ on Twitter this week.

It will all be over soon though. The federal election is now only 33 short days away.

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