You should always have your camera ready, because you never know what you’re going to see. Recently, a Canadian man caught the most stunning photos of a humpback whale breaching out of BC waters. The photos are a total must-see and thankfully, they were posted online for everyone! 

According to Oak Bay News, a Canadian man was front row to a once in a lifetime show that featured a huge humpback whale. 

Based on the photos, the whale breached multiple times in front of the Campbell River-based boat on Sunday. A number of images were captured by the owner and operator of Eagle Eye Adventures, Jos Krynen. 

Eagle Eye Adventures posted a series of high-resolution photos of the epic encounter. In the photos, you can see the massive humpback launch himself out of the water. The photos are incredibly intense and are some that whale-watchers would envy!

All of the photos were posted on the Eagle Eye Adventure page with the caption, "I was back on the water for two days and took these pictures, enjoy." I guess it was just a regular day on the job!

This year, there have been some amazing sightings off the BC coasts. About two weeks ago, an unusual and hilarious-looking “fried egg” jellyfish was spotted near the Sunshine Coast. 

This 20-foot long spectacle literally looks like a massive floating fried egg! With an incredibly vibrant yellow middle paired with white and almost clear edges, the jellyfish actually looks more like food than anything else.

Earlier this month, a pair of incredibly rare whale sightings were caught on camera in BC. One of the photos that was taken shows the rare, and incredibly large, blue whale. 

The other intense video captures a whale literally jumping through the air! In the video, you can see an orca whale fin in the background. All of a sudden, an orca leaps through the air — completely taking its body out of the water. 

All of these incredible encounters seem to be happening in B.C.! So if you happen to find yourself on the coast, be sure to keep your eyes peeled.

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