When Harry Potter first got his invisibility cloak, there were probably at least a few people who thought it would be great to have one in real life. Of course, making something invisible is not something that could be done in real life, right? Wrong! An invisibility shield made by a Canadian company could have all kinds of real-life applications.

HyperStealth Biotechnology Corp, the company that invented this new invisibility shield, says on their website that the material bends light around objects behind it, rendering them almost entirely invisible. The material has been named "Quantum Stealth."

The material may seem like something out of science-fiction, but according to Hyperstealth, its existence and effectiveness has been witnessed by "two separate command groups within the U.S. Military and two separate Canadian Military groups as well as Federal Emergency Response Team (Counter Terrorism)," as stated on their website.

The company also claims that the material hides infrared, thermal signatures, and shadows of any object or person hiding behind it.

Oddly enough, the material being used is not even all that uncommon, as Hyperstealth CEO Guy Cramer told CTV News.

"This is the same material that you see in 3D books and DVD covers and movie posters where, by moving side to side, you get a 3D image," Cramer said. "We’re using the same material and we’ve removed the picture from behind it to get that effect."

Hyperstealth presents a variety of scenarios in their description of Quantum Stealth for how exactly it could be used by the military, including concealing top-secret aircraft or hiding a submarine's periscope. 

Cramer has been displaying Quantum Stealth for various military groups and figures since 2011, and just filed for patent protection on the material.

"The intention was to keep it out of the public and to allow the military to use it sparingly or bury it," Cramer told CTV. "My concern is the criminal element using this at some point in the future and non-allied countries using it against our soldiers out there."

Cramer added that since releasing videos of Quantum Stealth, he has seen more interest in the product. However, it's mostly just from muggle soldiers and not wizards.

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