The Cambridge Analytica scandal has reached a breaking point for the public, especially now that Mark Zuckerberg is finally speaking out about the whole ordeal. While the scandal concerns the American election and primarily affected Americans, it turns out that Canadians were caught in the mix too. 

Of the 87 million people who were reportedly affected, 82% of those were from the United States. Though it's been revealed that a whopping 620,000+ Canadians were caught in the mix when it came to Cambridge Analytica using Facebook's profile information for the political election. Happening through apps and games that facebook account holders had used or were used by people on their friends lists. 

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So what exactly does this mean for Canadians? For starters, while you may up your profile security to the nines in the wake of this scandal, let's be real here. In this climate where the online world is still highly unregulated due to the genuine lack of knowledge on how our information can be manipulated, you should only be putting things online that you wouldn't mind the government and other companies getting a hold of. It's an incredibly pessimistic way to go about the Internet but in reality, it's probably your best bet. 

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While Facebook has announced they will be introducing new laws that restrict data access, and Canadian ministers already saying they want to strengthen privacy laws, the internet as a whole is quite a wild west right now. While Facebook was the platform that got burned in the process, it's not the only one manipulating it's customers- and if that makes you uneasy, it might just be best to sign off for good. 

Source: Huff Post Canada

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