Summer may be winding down across Canada, but it certainly isn’t over yet by any stretch of the imagination. It is only August after all.

But if you need any kind of reminding that the sun and warm weather isn’t going to last forever, there are actually places in Canada that are getting snow right now.

Yes, snow. In August.  

In British Columbia, the temperature dropped down to freezing in at least 2 communities.

Prince George saw it fall as low as 0 degrees today, and even worse was Burns Lake, where it dropped to -1.5 degrees.

This is the same province which has been plagued by massive out of control wildfires the past few weeks

But freezing temperatures were not the worst part for Canada. Along the border of B.C. and Alberta, snow is actually in the forecast today. 

Yes. Actual snow in Canada during summer.

Canmore traffic cameras have captured snow falling on the road leading to Calgary today. 

People on social media in Canmore have also posted photos of the snow on the ground.

 But thankfully, isn't falling across the country quite yetIn more eastern provinces such as Ontario, there are heat warnings currently in effect.

Canadian weather really is completely unpredictable. If you’re in one of the warmer places in Canada make sure to enjoy the weather while it lasts. 

Soon enough we’ll all be putting on boots and coats to go outside. 

Source: CTV

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