Tensions are high between Canada and the United States right now and as a result, things at the border are about to get tricky. 

The US Department of Homeland Security just announced that they are going to be strengthening the countries northern border, i.e. the one they share with Canada. 

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The DHS says their new border strategy is to protect against terrorism and other criminal activities from the north (read Canada) while still facilitating lawful trade and travel between the countries. 

While the DHS has not yet said how exactly this will happen, they announced that they currently have an implementation strategy in the works to accompany their new strengthened border plan. 

They do however mention that the strategy will focus on increased security operations, enforcing a fair trade environment, and promoting cross-border resilience. 

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The announcement comes days after Trumps comments against Justin Trudeau and Canada and in the height of what people are calling Trade War 2018. Neither of these are mentioned by the DHS in their release, but it makes sense there would be border implications from the rising tensions. 

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The strengthened border will have major implications for Canadians, both travelling for fun but also for businesses like truck driving where there's a need to regularly cross the border as part of earning their livelihood. 

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