The Singh brothers want Trump out, and they are making it as clear as they can while Americans vote for their next leader.

"Trump represents everything ugly about politics," Gurratan Singh, MPP for Brampton East, said to his 58,000 followers on Instagram Tuesday afternoon.

"He resents working people — racially marginalized people — the poor," he said. "Vote this dangerous threat out of office."

A similar sentiment was shared by his brother Jagmeet on Twitter earlier in the day, when the NDP leader accused Trump of having "fanned the flames of hatred and division," adding "I hope to see him lose."

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Trump represents everything ugly about politics — everything dangerous about power.

Gurratan Singh

This is not the first time the younger Singh brother has made his thoughts on the U.S. president known.

In February, Gurratan tweeted that Trump was bad for Canadian workers, and called out Ontario premier Doug Ford for praising the president on a pre-COVID-19 trip to Washington D.C.

Though the Instagram post doesn't pull punches, Gurratan used to be considerably more outspoken.

During the campaign that got him elected, photos emerged of him in his student days holding a protest sign that read "F*ck the police."

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