COVID-19 has everyone being extra careful including politicians. After Prime Minister Trudeau and his wife, Jagmeet Singh is the next political figure in Canada to self-isolate. On Thursday afternoon, the NDP leader shared a concerning update on his health on Twitter.

"Friends, I am at home today, feeling unwell," Singh wrote in a tweet on March 12. "I have been in contact with a doctor and they do not believe I have symptoms consistent with COVID-19. But their advice is for me to limit contact with the public until I am feeling better."

In a follow-up message, he wrote "All of us come into contact with many people who may be vulnerable to illness — we have to make sure we are taking measures to limit the chance that we infect them. Looking forward to being back at work and feeling better soon."

Singh has been vocal about how the government should be handling certain aspects of this outbreak, most notably in his assertion that all Canadians should be entitled to paid sick leave.

On Wednesday, Singh criticized Trudeau's COVID-19 announcement, writing "The majority of workers — 60% — won’t be helped by today’s Liberal announcement on COVID-19. Other countries have found a way to give people paid sick leave so they can stay home. Canada must do better."

He later shared a tweet from the United States Congresswoman Ilhan Omar which read, "Outbreak or not — paid sick leave should be guaranteed in this country."

The NDP leader has long expressed his desire for better healthcare in Canada.

In October during the 2019 federal election, one of Singh's most important platform promises was working to bring universal pharmacare to Canada.

As the outbreak of COVID-19 continues to increase, larger precautions are being taken across the country. On Wednesday night, the NBA announced they would be suspending the ongoing season. NBA champions, the Raptors shared their disappointment in the news.

On Thursday, the NHL, MLS, and MLB also followed suit by suspending their ongoing seasons as well. 

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