With the federal election now in full sway, Canadians eyes are fully fixed on its candidates. Jagmeet Singh, NDP leader, in particular, garnered attention last week after going toe to toe with his political opponents at the first federal election debate. Singh holding his ground was an impressive feat, especially for someone who began their political career on a notorious low note.

Singh's first attempt to run for office back in 2011 was an utter failure. According to The Vancouver Sun, the longtime Toronto-area resident ran for the federal government in the Brampton, Ont. riding of Bramalea-Gore-Malton. He was defeated by Conservative Bal Gosal by 539 votes.

It was a tough blow for Singh, but it wasn't long before he was back in the running. The NDP leader ran for a provincial seat that same year and was elected with 38 percent of the vote. He famously gave his victory speech in three different languages, English, French, and Punjabi.

Singh eventually stepped down from the provincial seat after conquering the federal NDP leadership race. He has since gone on to become the first member of a visible minority to spearhead a national political party.

The leader continued his winning streak by winning a by-election in the B.C. riding of Burnaby South, securing himself a seat in parliament. 

Canadians recently praised Singh for his snappy comebacks during the federal election's first leaders debate. He certainly held nothing back when going after Liberal leader Justin Trudeau, who was not present during the discussion.

"I'm really disappointed that Mr. Trudeau didn't decide to show up. He's not been there for Canadians for the past four years, and now he's not there today."

He had words for Conservative leader Andrew Scheer, too, whom he blatantly called out for interrupting him several times. "I listened to you, you need to listen to me."

If Singh becomes prime minister, his story will be that of someone who overcame hardship to achieve greatness. Though only time will tell what the results of the election will be, the NDP leader has already come a long way.

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