As fires continue to rage on down under, one Canadian politician is sharing his personal feelings about the tragedy and what needs to be done about it. Jagmeet Singh's Australia fires Instagram post was super emotional. In it, the NDP leader called the blazes "painful" and said he "fell in love" with Australia.

Jagmeet Singh shared the emotional Instagram post on January 9 along with a photo of firefighters battling the blaze.

Accompanying the pic, the NDP leader wrote a long caption that covered a lot from his own personal connection with Australia to what needs to be done to stop things like this from happening.

"Australia is burning," Singh wrote in the caption. "I fell in love with the land down under and that makes it even more painful to see the devastation of the fires raging across the country."

He recounted having gone to Australia four times in three years a while back and how amazed he was at the kindness people had and the land's beauty.

Now that land is being engulfed by flames.

Singh continued his caption and said that even if someone hasn't visited Australia, the fires are being felt by people around the world.

"We are all connected," Singh said. "The climate crisis means that fires in Australia, Brazil, Asia and North America will become more and more frequent."

The fires down under have been raging since September and along with land being burned, homes are being destroyed by the blaze and people and animals are losing their lives.

In his post, Singh said that Australia needs our help and that there needs to be a commitment from us all to "confront the climate crisis."

Canadian fire specialists arrived in Sydney to help with the fires a few days before Singh's post and they were greeted with applause, cheers and whistles from Australians in the city's airport.

Recently, Singh has also used his voice as NDP leader to talk about other issues happening around the world like the U.S. airstrike in Iraq and the Iran plane crash.

Singh's post about Australia ended on a more optimistic note though.

"I know we can turn things around but only if we make the choice to fight the climate crisis like we want to win," he said.

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