The NDP leader is at it again. Jagmeet Singh took to TikTok once more to throw some shade at Justin Trudeau. The politician didn't even have to say anything, letting the whole video speak for itself.

Using audio from another source, the loop shows Singh pouring water into a pitcher labelled "Justin Trudeau's empty words." Beside it is another pitcher labelled "Justin Trudeau's actions," which remains symbolically unfilled.

The NDP leader mouths along with the audio, which is just someone saying, "Huh? What? Oh, okay." The recording, which originated from a YouTube video, has become a meme among users on the platform.

"Seriously though PM Trudeau says a lot of pretty words but he doesn’t back them up with real action. People deserve better. I got your back #foryou," the caption of the video reads.

The NDP leader has not been shy about sharing his own criticisms of the prime minister's actions regarding protests against the construction of a pipeline on Indigenous land.

On February 27, he tweeted, "When the premiers want to meet, it takes Justin Trudeau 1 day. When big corporations want to meet, he finds time. But when the Wet'suwet'en hereditary chiefs ask to meet for weeks, they're ignored. The PM's failure of leadership has allowed this to become a national crisis."

Singh is no stranger to TikTok. During the federal election, he posted a number of videos to the site to promote his policies.

He is also the only leader of a federal Canadian party to use the social media platform.

Singh has also shown off his signature sense of humour in TikTok videos, including one where he and his brother, Ontario NDP MPP Gurratan Singh, poke fun at their similar appearances.

Even though he doesn't have to campaign anymore (at least for the time being), it seems like Singh will keep using TikTok to reach his audience.

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