Everyone has their own insecurities, especially about how they look. Social media doesn't exactly help when our feeds are filled with photos of beautiful people who seem to look effortlessly great. However, pulling back the curtain often reveals that even beautiful people have insecurities about how they look. Jagmeet Singh's wife, Gurkiran Kaur, recently revealed her own insecurities in an Instagram post.

Kaur took part in the #AsSheIs challenge, which asks women to post an unfiltered photo of themselves, tag it with #AsSheIs, and then nominate and tag two other women to participate. The challenge also asks women to write captions that "bring back perspective to Instagram."

Kaur was asked to take part in the challenge, and wrote that she thought it would be easy at first. "When I was first asked to do this #AsSheIs challenge a few days ago, I thought no problem, I'm secure with myself -and with my face- I'll do it," Kaur's caption reads.

Seemingly, Kaur forgot about what the challenge was about right away. "Fast forward to right now when I came to post and I automatically, without hesitation started adding my favorite filter on Instagram and wanted to brighten the image ALONG with a couple other "minor" tweaks 😹" she wrote.

Kaur continued by sharing some of her own "biggest insecurities." "This challenge to me is about loving who I am and being comfortable in my own skin," Kaur wrote in her caption.

"For me, my biggest insecurities are that one, as I grow older I am self conscious about my aging skin ~crow's feet~ and something I tend to cover up with my clothing is my very predominant birth mark."

Kaur continued her caption by doing exactly what the challenge asked participants to do: sharing some inspiring words to bring some perspective to Instagram.

"Over time I am learning to just let myself be free & vulnerable, because in vulnerability comes strength !"

Finally, Kaur called out to other women to take part in the #AsSheIs challenge, writing, "So I ask you all to be apart of this healthy body image campaign & post your own unfiltered photos !!"

Kaur tagged her sister as one of the women she wants to see participating in the challenge. She recently wished her a happy birthday in a cute Instagram story.

Kaur has also asked women who take part in the challenge to tag her so that she can repost their photos! It's refreshing to see someone as stylish as Gurkiran Kaur sharing her insecurities and letting the world know that being imperfect is kind of a beautiful thing.

She recently showed off her own unique style with an amazing comic-inspired Wonder Woman costume. She also applies her sense of style to her husband, picking out which colour turban he should wear.

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