It's the time of year when people are throwing holiday parties. They might be for friends, coworkers, or your family. One thing is the same in all cases, though: everyone wants to look their best at them. Jagmeet Singh's wife Gurkiran Kaur Sidhu is no exception.

Together with her husband, Kaur hit up the NDP holiday party in style, sharing photos of her incredible red dress on Instagram.

"Annual ndp holiday party ~ 2019" Kaur wrote in her caption. The collection of photos features Kaur in front of an elegant marble backdrop, posing with Singh and some of their friends, and posing with other party attendees.

Although the best and probably most relatable photo of the bunch is a mirror selfie Kaur took. After all, who among us hasn't snapped a mirror selfie after getting all dressed up?

Honestly, if we could all feel that confident in formal wear, the world would be a far better place, and getting dressed up would be a lot more fun.

The collection of photos has already racked up 5085 likes on Instagram. Among those who liked it was none other than Jagmeet Singh. Obviously he knows that part of a husband's job is liking his wife's best Insta posts.

Gurkiran Kaur has plenty of fans, and managed to capture the spotlight during the Canadian federal election. On Instagram, she has already amassed 122,000 followers. 

Kaur became known for her role in helping Singh choose which colour turban to wear depending on his outfit.

She also managed to get people's attention with a pretty amazing Halloween costume. She dressed up as Wonder Woman, but also used makeup to create a retro comic look.

Kaur has always shown that she has impeccable style. She and her sister, Anu, are also business partners. They launched their own fashion label, Jangiiro. 

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