As you probably know, Jason Kenney and the United Conservative Party won a majority government in Alberta back in April. As is always the case, several promises were made during the course of the election. As of Tuesday, another one has officially been fulfilled. This afternoon, politicians voted to cut Jason Kenney's pay, as well as the pay of Alberta MLAs.

According to Global News, the decision was completely unanimous among the committee. The committee in question is an all-party group specifically for the purpose of setting pay for the elected members of legislature. The now-enforced pay cut was one of Jason Kenney’s campaign promises before he was elected.

The pay cuts in question will impact Alberta MLAs by a five percent pay decrease and the premier by a 10 percent decrease, reported CBC News. More specifically, Jason Kenney’s current $206,856 annual salary will land at $186,170 and the MLAs annual salaries will dip from $127,296 to $120,931. So, though they all choose to take a fairly substantial cut, they won’t exactly be making peanuts.

According to The Star, the UCPs vow to cut the premiere and MLAs wages was for the purpose of proving their commitment to their fiscal responsibility. Beyond the pay cuts, we are interested to see what other campaign pledges will be addressed.

Though some may be pleased to see a campaign pledge coming to fruition, others aren’t as enthusiastic. Namely, the NDP opposition. As Global News reports, NDP member Brian Mason voiced his opinion on the matter to the all-party committee last week.

During the address, he expressed his belief that the move wasn't to set an example, but rather to protect the politicians from backlash on the occasion that they ask public employees to take pay cuts, as well.

According to Global News, this afternoon’s discussion also covered potential changes to how MLAs are able to claim fuel and mileage expenses, to ensure they aren’t getting more bang for their buck than the rest of us regular old civilians.

Stay tuned to see what Kenney gets up to next.

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