Albertan politics has been a hot topic in recent news for several reasons. From Wexit to budget cuts, a lot is going on in the province. The Alberta government is currently Conservative and is lead by premier Jason Kenney. Prior to Kenney's election in 2019, Rachel Notley of the NDP was the premier of Alberta. With Kenney as premier, Notley is the leader of the opposition. Lately, Jason Kenney and Rachel Notley have been throwing serious shade at one another and it's both intense and hilarious. 

On November 7, a legislature meeting regarding the budget took place in Alberta. According to CBC News, things got pretty personal. Some of the shots fired included Kenney accusing Notley of being ignorant and Notley accusing Kenney’s loyalty to Canada.

The meeting was filled with shade-throwing and tons of comments surrounding Notley’s ignorance and Kenney’s loyalty.

Kenney clapped back on Notley’s comment about his allegiance to Canada with, "The way to address the deep, deep frustration in this province is not to diminish or ridicule those who increasingly feel like they are not at home in their own country." Notley responded, "In no way shape or form did I do that. I challenged the premier's strategy.“

Beyond the heated meeting, you should probably see some of these sassy tweets.

Notley's greatest beef with Kenney seems to be that he used $16,000 of the province’s money to fly two other premiers, himself, and their wives from the Calgary Stampede breakfast to Saskatoon for a Council of the Federation meeting.

"How can he not apologize??" Notley tweeted.

This flight was also brought up in the budget meeting, of course. Beyond that, Notley has started using the hashtag #Kenneyandthejets to throw shade about various plane-related moves she doesn't agree with.

Notley tweeted, "The UCP really needs to stop gloating about the election and start governing. You know, like they're supposed to."

As for Jason Kenney's social media activity, he tends to criticize the NDP government rather than Notley herself. "The NDP alienated other provincial leaders and placed their faith in Justin Trudeau. That didn't work," he wrote in a recent tweet.

In the budget meeting, Kenney also went as far as to say "Ms. Notley does not understand Albertans."

The tense meeting and scathing tweets show that the two are not seeing eye to eye when it comes to how the province should be run or how a premier should behave.

With the Wexit movement gaining notoriety and the budget cuts sweeping the province, politics are a bit of a wild ride in Alberta right now.

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