Getting motivated to work out can be hard enough. Imagine if your regimen included jumping in freezing water. That's just an average day for two Nova Scotia's brothers, John and Brad Mayo, who make it part of their routine.

The Mayos reside on Canada's east coast and have dedicated their lives to fitness training. While the pair partakes in "gymnastics, yoga, weightlifting, Tae Kwon Do, Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu [and] kayaking," according to their website, they are also proponents of cold exposure therapy, or immersing yourself in freezing temperatures.

This is the idea that putting oneself in an extremely cold environment has health benefits. It was popularized by Wim Hof, who became famous for being able to comfortably expose his body to incredibly chilly conditions.

"I was like, 'This guy's nuts. I hate the cold I hate the winter I hate everything about it," but I listened to his podcast and I was like, "Man, this guy's the real deal,'" John Mayo told Vice in a 2017 interview.

After learning about the Wim Hof Method, the brothers began exposing themselves to progressively colder conditions. Eventually, they found themselves gaining popularity on social media for diving into frozen lakes.

The Mayos' Instagram page is filled with photos and videos of the brothers standing out on ice patches in just their boxer shorts or submerged in what must be very cold water.

The siblings encourage others to partake in the challenge and occasionally post videos of people taking the plunge with them.

Somehow, they convinced their grandpa to give it a try. According to the caption, "Grandma didn't approve."


The pair also sell workout programs through their personal website, offering lessons on how to increase upper body strength, improve mobility, and even work up to doing a handstand.

Canadians are no strangers to the effects of freezing water. There's even a contest built around forming wet hair into the craziest style possible while it solidifies in the arctic air.

While it's tempting to take on the challenge of jumping into freezing water, some people looking to get into shape might just be more comfortable with a normal workout followed by a hot shower.

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