Justin Timberlake -- singer, dancer, inventor of fruit. Back in December, Justin posted an Instagram video of himself showcasing his berry hybrid creation, the "braspberry."

"Is it a coincidence that the blueberry fits perfectly inside the raspberry?" Justin Timberlake pointed out in his video, "I think not. Braspberry." Genius. So genius in fact, that it got the attention of North America's best-known fruit company, Driscoll's. 

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Last week, Driscoll's announced the launch of the "braspberry," which they're calling an "out of this world flavor combination." They also shared a photo of the new berry in Driscoll's signature packaging with the caption, "be on the lookout in a grocery store near you!" Of course, they also gave J.T. the credit he deserved by tagging him in the post.

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Frances Dillard, Driscoll's Director of Marketing, confirmed that the "braspberry" is for real. "From a social media perspective, we saw the braspberry craze take off," she says, "it was only logical that Driscoll's as the berry market leader would innovate the opportunity."

Driscoll's hasn't yet announced when and where the "braspberry" will be available for purchase in the U.S. and Canada. But, there's definitely a lot of labour involved to put this coveted new fruit on the shelves.

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As it says on the packaging, each batch is being "handpicked and hand-stuffed."  Driscoll's claims that they hope to make it "more than just a promotional stunt soon." 

They've also included "#Braspberries" on the packaging, so be sure to use the hashtag to share your thoughts on the exciting new berry. Justin Timberlake has yet to respond publicly to Driscoll's announcement.

Source: Food & Wine 

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