It is not unusual for sports fans to start getting a little superstitious when they notice bizarre patterns in their teams' performances. For years, rapper and sports mega-fan Drake has been accused of cursing professional athletes with losses as each time he poses with an athlete for a selfie, they seem to lose their next game.

While it is important to take most of these superstitions with a grain of salt, basketball fans are now starting to wonder if there could be a concealed reason why Prime Minister Justin Trudeau hasn’t been showing his support by attending the groundbreaking Raptor’s NBA Finals games.

Back in 2015, the internet became aware of a pattern in sport, particularly in Canadian baseball. They realized that when federal leaders showed up to the game, the team would often lose. In 2015, when the Toronto Blue Jays were on the verge of making the playoffs for the first time since 1993, Trudeau decided to attend. He attended the Friday night game in Toronto for the first time with his sons, and the team lost... badly.

This wasn’t the first example of the supposed ‘curse’ affecting the Jays as only a few months earlier NDP Leader at the time, Thomas Mulcair, went to watch a Blue Jays game, in the midst of an 11-game win streak. That night, they lost to their playoff rivals, the New York Yankees.

Just two weeks after, following the same considerable success the Jays had been experiencing, former Prime Minister Stephen Harper showed up. Again, they lost.

The pattern of unusual losses lead many fans to conclude that when federal leaders are in attendance, bad things happen. At the time, many fans took to Twitter to warn politicians to stay well away from their teams.

As Prime Minister Justin Trudeau continues to tweet messages of support to the Raptors pre-game, and joins in with post-game celebrations, some Canadians have started asking why he has not been in attendance at the historic playoff games, as the Raptors are now just one game away from winning the finals.

While other significant figures have been seen attending the Toronto team's most recent games, such as Barack O'Bama and Beyonce and Jay Z, Trudeau has instead assured fans that he has been watching from the comfort of his own living room instead.

In failing to attend the games, Trudeau has led some superstitious fans to wonder whether he is steering clear of the groundbreaking finals, as not to trigger the leaders curse and cause the team to lose.

Although it is all just suspicion and it is extremely unlikely that a federal leaders presence has any meaningful impact on a sports game, perhaps Trudeau just wants to avoid any blame should the worst happen.

For Raptor’s fans, despite knowing this ‘curse’ is probably meaningless, it’s definitely preferable that Trudeau and all the other Canadian politicians stay at home for the next game, just in case.

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