Earlier today, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Conservative leader Andrew Scheer met with one another for the first time since October’s federal election. While tensions were definitely high between the two opposing leaders during the election campaign, it seems that Justin Trudeau & Andrew Scheer's meeting today was also pretty strained, as Scheer took to social media to reveal exactly what went down.

It’s been several weeks since Canada voted in the 43rd federal election, and the country’s politicians have been enjoying a short break from Parliament following the result. However, today marked a significant shift back-into-action, as opposing leaders Justin Trudeau and Andrew Scheer met for the first time since Trudeau's Liberals won the election back in October.

Trudeau also met with Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe this morning, who was expected to speak to the PM about the ongoing issue of Western alienation since the election.

Prior to both meetings, Trudeau acknowledged their conversations were going to be difficult, explaining that there were many areas in which they did not agree.

It seems Trudeau was right to be skeptical, as both Scheer and Moe emerged from the meetings with little praise for Canada's Prime Minister.

Scheer has proved he’s showing no sign of going-easy on Trudeau after the Liberals' election win, taking to social media to share exactly what went down during their Tuesday-morning meeting.

In a post on Facebook, Scheer outlined what he spoke about with Trudeau, adding that Canada was “as divided as it ever has been,” thanks to “the divisions Trudeau sowed during the election campaign.”

In an interview after the meeting, which ended up lasting just 30 minutes, Scheer told reporters, “I spoke to the Prime Minister about the very real crisis that our country is in as it relates to national unity," he said.

Scheer added that he urged Trudeau to produce a "roadmap" for completing the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project, in order to address economic uncertainty in the west.

It seems that Scott Moe’s meeting with the Prime Minister may have been equally unproductive, as he emerged from Parliament “disappointed” in their conversation. 

“I came today to hear about what he was going to do differently to support the industries and the people in [Saskatchewan] and I can tell you this - I did not hear that there is going to be anything different, there is going to be more of the same,” Moe told reporters on Tuesday.

He went on, “We had provided some options for him to support the people of the province and today I did not hear a commitment to moving forward on those items."

Despite a tough start to talks this week, Trudeau might have better luck on Thursday, when he will meet with NDP Leader, Jagmeet Singh.

Sharing a commitment to fighting the climate crisis, expanding affordable housing and creating a national pharmacare program, the two may have a more fruitful conversation later this week.

In a tweet on Tuesday, Trudeau simply said, "Parliament will be back on December 5, and Canadians expect us to work together to deliver results for them."

Justin Trudeau will convene the new Parliament on Thursday, December 5.

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