Starting today on Monday, April 1, a carbon tax was implemented in several provinces across Canada by the federal government. This move has been met with criticism from many, including their political opposition. Canadians have been protesting Justin Trudeau's new carbon tax but Justin Trudeau continues to defend it

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The new carbon tax will lead to increases in costs for gas, heating, natural gas and propane. For instance, gas stations are already seeing increased prices from the carbon tax today

Canadians across the country have been protesting this new tax from the federal government. In light of all this, prime minister Justin Trudeau has continued to defend the new carbon tax. 

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He posted and retweeted several tweets on Twitter today defending the carbon tax and arguing that it helps Canadians. His latest tweet was just a couple of hours ago, and the prime minister said that the new tax would actually be beneficial for Canadians and make "life more affordable" for them. 

Check out what Justin Trudeau had to say on Twitter below. 

On top of this, he also posted another tweet just earlier this morning two hours ago and said that the carbon tax is to help "our kids" have a "cleaner and healthier Canada tomorrow". 

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The prime minister has also retweeted other tweets that claim the new carbon tax will help Canadians, such as tweets from Catherine McKenna, the Minister of Environment and Climate Change, and the Liberal Party. 

However, it looks like these tweets are doing little to ease the minds of many Canadians. In response to Justin Trudeau's new tweets today on the carbon tax, several Canadians continue to protest and slam the federal government's new initiative. 

Check out what they had to say in response to Justin Trudeau's tweets on the carbon tax. 

The Liberal government is forecasting that the carbon tax will help significantly reduce emissions by 2022.

The government will be providing rebates to residents of the provinces where the tax is imposed – Ontario, New Brunswick, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. For instance in Ontario, around $300 is expected to be credited back to households by the government annually. 

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