Justin Trudeau has been very busy lately, but he managed to take some time off to spend Christmas at home with his wife and their three young kids. Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau shared a photo of the happy-looking family on Instagram today, decorating their modest-sized Christmas tree in their PJs. Her caption reads, "Christmas is almost here! We’re getting ready, and it’s a good thing Didi’s arms can reach the star!"

In the photo, little Hadrien Trudeau sits on Justin's shoulders, hugging his dad's head as he stands on a ladder. It's an adorable photo, and all of Canada seems to think so too. Thousands of comments are pouring in from Canadians who are overjoyed at the rare glimpse into the Trudeau family's home life.

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Yesterday, Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau took her kids cross-country skiing and shared a sweet photo of the outing, along with a caption reminding her 218,000 followers to "appreciate the spirit of our children." 

Justin wasn't pictured in his wife's snapshot, but he did share a photo of himself standing in the House of Commons at the national Parliament building in Ottawa. "The House of Commons desks have been shipped across the way to our temporary new home in West Block," he wrote in the caption. "One last look around tonight before this building shuts down for a decade. Such great memories."

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@sophiegregoiretrudeauembedded via  

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Earlier this week, it was revealed that Justin Trudeau's approval rating has plummetted dramatically, and is currently at its lowest point since he first took office in 2015. However, other polls suggest that the Liberals still hold the majority of supporters and would win the election if it was held right now. Whether or not the Liberals will be able to hang on to this majority come election time remains a mystery.

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