The big story this these past few days (other than the Olympics of course), is our Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau's antics in India with his family. While Trudeau's reception has definitely had a mix response, there's one major snub that has had many people talking.

Apparently the Prime Minister of India, Narenda Modi, who is known to be just as charismatic in life and on social media as Trudeau, has avoided meeting with our Canadian PM during his trip. He was noticeably absent during the Trudeau's arrival.  This understandably had many people wondering what was going on between the pair. Especially since Modi has been known for meeting his guests as they arrive and embarancing them in a warm hug. 

However, Prime Minister Trudeau just posted this photo of him meeting with Modi and it looks like it's all love between the two (or maybe just really good acting). 

According to Trudeau's caption, the pair had a warm welcome where they chatted about "productive talks on how Canada & India will collaborate more closely, creating more jobs and opportunities for people in both our countries".

@justinpjtrudeauembedded via

So there you have it, Canada and India appear to be doing just fine. Hopefully this means that all those rumors of bad blood between the pair can now be put to rest. 

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