With the India trip long gone you would think Trudeau would be the last thing people's would be talking about, but instead, he's back on the minds of Canadians but it doesn't have to do with dancing this time or politics even. In fact, the situation mainly concerns his younger son, Hadrien, a post on Instagram and a very random banana.

@sophiegregoiretrudeauembedded via

It all started when Sophie Trudeau posted this photo the other day in celebration of Hadrien's fourth birthday with the caption "my lovely little boy Hadrien. "Didi," you light up our lives! Four years on Earth! Be brave, little guy, the adventure continues! Mom." Though you may not have read the caption if your eyes caught that banana in the photo first. 

Yes, it seems that Hadrien got a birthday banana instead of a cake, and people were a little taken aback and weirded out: 

While people battled in the comments over this banana, some arguing that maybe he's gluten intolerant or has an allergy... or the celebration banana is just the teaser and there's a cake coming later, others made sure to send their well wishes because it was a birthday post for a four-year-old boy. Let him enjoy his birthday banana! 

This isn't the first time Hadrien has found himself in the news considering he became a lot of people's new "spirit animal" after photos from the Trudeau family's India trip came out. Regardless of whether it's a birthday cake or banana, let's just enjoy how hilarious these photos are: 

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