If you're struggling to find the perfect gift for someone you love, look no further! I can't even take myself seriously talking about this, but this is a real calendar... that's being sold in stores... in every major bookstore. Just give me a minute. 

The news of the calendar starting spreading this week on Twitterand let's just say Twitter is harmless when it comes to their commentary. Are you ready for this? The calendar is called "Justin Trudeau, My Canadian Boyfriend" and honestly, it's what the world needs at this exact moment. 

The calendar, which shows Justin Trudeau in every aspect of his life/job, pokes fun at the fact that people have a crush on the Prime Minister. Starting off with jokes like "I have a new boyfriend. No, you've never met him, he lives in Canada", this just shows that Trudeau is loved around the world. I mean, he has his own Spotify playlist, he's not your average Prime Minister. 

The funniest part about this calendar is how much Twitter is into it. Most of the tweets are really about how people feel about Trudeau in general, but they all go along with the joke: 

The list goes on and on, and I suggest reading all of the tweets if you want a good laugh. Jokes aside, this would make the perfect stocking stuffer. One tweet even stated, "Lol this is why Canada is better than all of us". Not going to argue that one. 

If you're seriously looking to buy this calendar, just take a look at how Amazon describes it as: 

"The calendar features 12 images "Yucon" enjoy of model-like role-model Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Featuring sweetly off-kilter but well-meaning commentary about his views from his sparkling blue eyes on everything from love, family and of course global affairs and economic growth, it is a true celebration of the man, the myth, and the meme that is Justin Trudeau." 

Mom, all I want for Christmas is a Justin Trudeau calendar. But if you're actually serious about purchasing this hilarious calendar, you can buy it here on Amazon or I'm sure you can find it at any bookstore. If you're waiting on a Donald Trump calendar, I think you may be waiting a while. 

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