There's no question that the pandemic is not going anywhere in the next little while. Canada has seen a dramatic rise in COVID-19 cases across the country. The situation has become so dire, that Justin Trudeau has seemed to suggest reinstituting shutdowns in problematic areas.

There have already been numerous rollbacks on openings in some provinces, including both Ontario and Quebec. The prime minister has signalled that he believes this is the right thing to do for the sake of public health.

However, he has also highlighted the ways in which the federal government plans to lend a helping hand in these situations.

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What has Trudeau said about shutdowns?

The prime minister has not minced words about the potential need for shutdowns if cases continue to surge throughout the country.

During a press conference on November 9, Trudeau said, "Acting quickly to shut down early, to bring in restrictions when the surges start is better than delaying and hoping that it will go away on its own."

Trudeau added that putting the health of Canadians first is essential to stabilizing the health of the nation's economy.

He noted that businesses could suffer more due to the rising COVID-19 numbers than they would under targeted shutdowns and restrictions with federal financial support.

How is he helping?

The government has been providing numerous forms of financial assistance throughout the pandemic, but in October, Trudeau announced more support for businesses in the event of a second wave.

The Canada Emergency Rent Subsidy was introduced as a means of getting money directly to businesses rather than landlords.

At the time, the prime minister noted that this was to help companies that were not yet up to full capacity or had to shut down due to further public health restrictions.

In addition, the federal government announced further aid for individuals.

After the CERB came to an end, Trudeau introduced the Canada Recovery Benefit (CRB), the Canada Recovery Sickness Benefit (CRSB) and the Canada Recovery Caregiving Benefit (CRCB).

The CRB in particular was aimed at people who had lost work due to the pandemic, and now includes those who are self-employed.

What are the provinces doing?

COVID-19 cases have reached some of the highest counts they have ever been within the last two months.

Manitoba has started to see an alarming rise in its numbers. The province recently introduced higher fines for individuals and businesses breaking COVID-19 regulations. 

Meanwhile, Quebec has moved some of its regions into 'red zones,' where the rules are much stricter.

In Ontario, Premier Doug Ford moved some areas of the province back to a modified Stage 2 to try and mitigate some of the rising numbers in those areas.

However, he also recently floated the idea of ending the mandatory 14-day quarantine with no input from the federal government.

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