Elections are just around the corner, and we have been creeping Justin Trudeau's Instagram for a visual look at his time as Prime Minister. Turns out, there is a lot of handshaking that comes with the job. We decided to round up a photo series from the official Justin Trudeau Instagram account to commemorate all of the hand clasping he's done as Prime Minister.

Although he is the leader of our country, in a lot of these photos, Justin Trudeau is looking like just a regular guy with a lot of people to meet. His Instagram is full of socialite activities that come with the job. He's been roasted and adored in the past four years, and the upcoming election will be the true test to see how Canadians feel about Trudeau.

In the mean time, enjoy scrolling through the plethora of handshake photos Mr. Trudeau has posted of himself online. The federal election will be taking place on Oct. 21, 2019.

Here he is in Montreal for the Blue Line extension:

Here's one of his with members of the Poundmaker Cree Nation:

And here he is meeting a member of the Canadian forces in Gatineau, Quebec:

He shakes children's' hands, too:

Here he is in Thunder Bay at the Labourers Internation Union of North America Local 607 shaking hands with workers:

And again in Maple, Ontario where Liberals invested in transit and roads:

Another one with the Director-General of the World Trade Organization:

Here he is looking like part of the crew in Kapuskasing, Ontario:

And here, visiting a Canadian small business owner after lowering the small business tax rate. That calls for some handshakes!

Here he is with a beaming Doug Ford after discussing Ontario's issues:

Celebrating Canada Day in Leamington, Ontario also called for plenty of handshaking:

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