Three years ago today, on October 19, 2018, Justin Trudeau was officially elected the Prime Minister of Canada. While Trudeau may be celebrating his third year election anniversary, some Canadians most definitely are not. 

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On a Reddit post regarding Trudeau's three years in office, some people are giving the Prime Minister some serious hate, proving even when he's done nothing wrong, people are still super salty about him. 

Via Reddit

The mood in response to the post on Reddit is anything but celebratory.  One Canadian says about Trudeau that they "can't wait to vote this turd out." In another comment, another Canadian also says " I'll be voting conservative in the next election. For the first time ever. Thanks to Trudeau." 

The mood on Twitter isn't any better, even when Trudeau appears to be the victim in a situation. Despite news coming out this morning that a Trump official had called Justin Trudeau "that little punk kid running Canada," some Canadians were too salty to even come to his defence. 

In tweets responding to the situation, some people have not only agreed with the comments from the unnamed Trump official but also add onto the hate against Trudeau with their own grievances against him. 

This isn't the first time Justin has gotten major hate online before. Earlier this year when he was visiting in Toronto, Trudeau went for a run shirtless since it was the middle of a heat wave and got major shade from Canadians online over it. 

Given that it has been three years since Justin was elected to the office of Prime Minister, that means Canada is due for an election next year and the country is already gearing up for it and even then some of them aren't happy that Trudeau is running

All this said, in very early polls for the upcoming federal election, Justin Trudeau's Liberals are still in the lead currently with 37% of the vote. When asked specifically if they would consider voting Liberal, 52% of people said yes. 

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