As most might already know, the Trudeau's trip to India was riddled with up and downs. Up - him and his family took some really amazing photo ops at some of the most beautiful places in India. Another major up, was the PM having the opportunity to sit down with the Indian Prime Minister to talk about future opportunities for citizens of both countries. 

However there were also some big downsides - faux pas even; and it has the world talking.  One major incident during the trip was a colossal mistake made by Trudeau's office during his reception party in India. It was alleged that Justin's team accidentally invited Jaspal Atwal, a man that was convicted of attempting to murder an Indian cabinet minister in 1986.

While the mixup caused a lot of backlash and anger, especially concerning the  competence of Trudeau's team, there is now discussion of a conspiracy on the end of the Indian government to purposely make our Prime Minister look bad. 

Just yesterday, Conservative leader Andrew Scheer asked Trudeau if he agreed with the “allegations” made by a senior government security source that his trip was sabotaged by parties within the Indian government set him up for embarrassment.

To that he responded saying, "When one of our top diplomats and security officials says something to Canadians it’s because they know it to be true". Adding that, it was the previous Conservative government that “torqued the public service every possible way they could.”

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Then, when asked if Trudeau believed that the Indian government helped sabotage his trip, Trudeau did not refute the claims. Many in his team believe that while the invitation was sent out on their part in error, the Indian government (who had Jaspal Atwal blacklisted from entering the country) allowed his entry and accepted his visa request to make Trudeau look bad on the hot button topic of  the Sikh separatism. 

Source: National Post 

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