Canadian leader Justin Trudeau has ranked second in a list of the world's top influencers for 2017

The list of 10, which was compiled by LinkedIn, looked at data and editorial signals to determine "today's most engaged writers and creators around the globe." Everything from total engagement (i.e., likes, comments and shares on posts), growth of followers, and the number of times a person has been featured in editorial channels was considered. LinkedIn's full methodology for this analysis can be found here.

via @justinpjtrudeau

Here's a segment of LinkedIn's feature on the PM:

"What he talks about: Prime Minister Trudeau discusses the policies his government is putting in place to improve the lives of everyday Canadians — and why that matters around the world. In particular, he likes to share about his government’s business and economic ideas, which attract particularly high attention among professionals, Trudeau tells LinkedIn."

They also talk about his standout topics which include Canada's first National Housing Strategy and reducing the small business tax rate, as well as his role in influencing other world leaders during this "time of tremendous change."

Check out the full ranking below:

  1. Ian Bremmer | President & Founder of Eurasia Group and GZero Media
  2. Justin Trudeau | Prime Minister of Canada
  3. Mohamed El-Erian | Chief Economic Advisor of Allianz
  4. Liz Ryan | Founder & CEO of Human Workplace
  5. Sallie Krawcheck | Co-founder and CEO of Ellevest
  6. Naomi Simson | Founder of Red Balloon
  7. Adam Grant | Organizational Psychologist at The Wharton School
  8. Sanyin Siang | Executive Director of Fuqua
  9. Beth Comstock | Vice Chair of GE
  10. Nicholas Thompson | Editor in Chief of Wired Magazine
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