With Justin Trudeau being in the center of the political spotlight over the past four years as Prime Minister, most of his life has become public. Due to this, it comes as no surprise to Canadians that he did come from a wealthier family. However, it seems that being Prime Minister isn't contributing heavily to his net worth, as much of his wealth was inherited after his father's passing. Justin Trudeau's 2019 Net Worth, while high, hasn't changed much since becoming Prime Minister. 

According to the HuffPost Canada, Justin has always lived a wealthier lifestyle. The wealth started when Trudeau's grandfather, Charles-Émile owned a bunch of gas station and real estate in Montreal in the early 20th century. 

After the death of his grandfather, the money was passed down to his father, and then to Trudeau. In fact, according to Global News, Trudeau's inheritance from his father is worth about $1.2 million. 

However, it wasn't just inheritance money that Trudeau had before becoming Prime Minister. On top of his inheritance, Trudeau also created a public speaking business that earned around $450,000 on his best year. 

He also was involved in other companies, where he receives royalties for about $10,000 a year. 

While Trudeau revealed that he 'won the lottery' by being able to live a wealthy lifestyle, he states that he is grateful for what he has.  

However, despite the fact that Trudeau's net worth was high before he started his run as Prime Minister four years ago, the salary he makes for running country certainty does help him out a little.

According to MTL Blog, Trudeau actually made $345,400 last year, in addition to other allowances and expenses that come from being the Prime Minister of Canada. 

While the Prime Minister gets a set salary of $345,400, he also gets a $2,000 car allowance, and a variety of staff that is paid for with taxpayer dollars. This includes nannies and chefs. 

However, despite the nice salary that Justin Trudeau has received, his net worth reflects something much higher. 

According to the Express, Justin Trudeau's net worth is estimated to be more than $13 million as of 2019. While this may seem strikingly high, his inheritance and family business played more of a role in this number than his Prime Minister salary did. 

When it comes to his wealth, Trudeau stated to Global News, "I'm not middle class. I don't pretend I am."

He follows by saying, "Whatever we wanted to do, we have enough to live a modest but decent life. And that was incredibly lucky."

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