Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is back in Canada, and has brought one big change with him. After returning from a vacation in Costa Rica, the Prime Minister appears to have grown a bit of facial hair. Justin Trudeau's beard already has people sharing their opinions on his new look.

Trudeau had been vacationing in Costa Rica from December 20 through January 4, returning to Ottawa on January 5, according to official itineraries.

During that time, people speculated about what the nature of his trip was, and whether there really was a photo of him buying alcohol in a small convenience store.

Now, Trudeau is back in Ottawa and is rocking the ultimate post-vacation look: a salt-and-pepper beard that definitely wasn't there when he left. The new look was first revealed in a photo shared to Instagram by Adam Scotti, the official photographer for the Prime Minister's Office.

If Trudeau decides to keep the post-vacation facial hair, he'll be the first Prime Minister to sport a beard since Mackenzie Bowell rocked one in 1894.

Despite the beard only making its appearance a day ago, there are already a lot of opinions on Twitter about the Prime Minister's new look, both positive and negative.

"#JustinTrudeau's new beard is giving him the "emotionally distant stock trader brother" look from every holiday rom-com ever," wrote @Captain_JMAB.

"Can I just say #JustinTrudeau looks great with a beard!!! Don't hate our hot Leader!" wrote @KTremblay64.

Other Twitter users took the time to discuss why the Prime Minister growing a beard, especially among all of the tensions in Iran and the rest of the world, isn't that big of a deal.

"If our Prime Minister #JustinTrudeau is trending because he grew a beard, it’s just a great example of how good we have it in Canada, that a beard is newsworthy vs impending war in the US & impeachment. I’ll take a #BeardGate any day over American madness." wrote @Draven1683.

Whether or not Trudeau will keep the beard is anyone's guess, but there could potentially be just as much discussion if he decides to shave it off.

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