The Prime Minister appears to be sticking with his salt-and-pepper facial hair, grown during his vacation in Costa Rica. In doing so, Justin Trudeau's beard is a big change from what we've seen in politics lately, at least when it comes to facial hair. In fact, Trudeau is only the second Canadian Prime Minister in history to rock some whiskers.

The very first (and until now only) Prime Minister to sport a full facial hair before Trudeau was Sir Mackenzie Bowell, who led the country from December 21, 1894 to April 27, 1896.

Some might consider Alexander Mackenzie to be the first bearded Prime Minister, but his facial hair didn't include the mustache portion, so at best, he'd have an asterisk next to his name.

Even among the party leaders who didn't serve as Prime Minister, serious stubble has been a rare thing.

Of course, the two most recent NDP leaders, Jagmeet Singh and Thomas Mulcair, have worn their beards with pride. Still, they are the only NDP leaders to do so (but respect should always be paid to Jack Layton's mustache).

Among Conservative leaders (through the original Conservative party, then the Progressive Conservative Party, to the modern Conservatives), no party leaders aside from Bowell have sported stubble.

Among North American leaders, Trudeau is still the only leader to embrace the five-o-clock shadow. He's also the only leader of a country in the G7 to rock any facial hair at all.

However, the president of the European Union, Charles Michel, has a pretty impressive chin strap of his own.

Had the recent British election gone differently, Jeremy Corbyn would have been yet another bearded Prime Minister. As it is, Boris Johnson represents the country with a clean shaved look.

Throughout the entire world, leaders with luscious face-locks are a rare thing, with less than 20 heads of state sporting any facial hair at all.

Some bearded leaders include Latvian president Egils Levits, El Salvador's President Nayib Bukele, and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

While he may not be a head of state, Prince Harry breaks ranks with the royal family with his ginger chin hair.

Whether Trudeau will decide to keep the vacation beard permanently or shave it off after a while is anyone's guess, but as of right now, the facial hair sets him apart from other leaders in at least one way.

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