In this day and age, coughing in public will turn heads. Justin Trudeau's cough during a press conference had people online questioning his health. One reporter even asked him if he's still healthy. Maybe he just needs a drink of water?

During his daily press conference outside of Rideau Cottage on April 2, the Prime Minister cleared his throat a couple of times.

While talking about hospitals, his voice gave out and he had to clear his throat to be able to speak again.

Once he finished his address to Canadians, he cleared his throat again and put on the gloves he had brought outside with him before taking questions.

He did it a third time after talking for another stretch.

After Trudeau spoke for about 30 minutes, one reporter asked him a question about his scratchy throat and if he's okay.

That actually made the Prime Minister laugh.

"You noticed I might have cleared my throat a couple of times today," he said. "There is absolutely nothing to worry about."

Trudeau went on to confirm that he has no symptoms of the virus and mentioned that he speaks for quite a bit every morning during these press conferences.

"It perhaps means that I should get back to wearing my scarf even though it's nice and sunny out this morning," he said.

But there's no need to worry.

"I'm doing just fine," Trudeau said.

After seeing Trudeau clear his throat multiple times during his address, people took to Twitter to react and even question his health.

One person tweeted, "we heard that cough... get back into isolation."

"Trudeau coughs and my heart stops for a second," another said.

Someone else said that they laughed when the reporter asked about his scratchy throat.

This all comes after his wife, Sophie Grégoire Trudeau has recovered from COVID-19 and got the all-clear from medical professionals.

Her diagnosis led to Trudeau working from home.

Even though 14 days have passed since Grégoire Trudeau's positive test, the Prime Minister is still continuing to stay at home.

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