While many Canadians were excited to welcome Justin Trudeau into Parliament after he won the 2015 election, it seems that the excitement has worn off considerably since then. The reasons stem from a number of factors, from failed ventures and empty promises. It's become clear that many Canadians have their reasons for turning their backs on Trudeau.  

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According to Angus Reid Institute's latest survey detailing Trudeau's overall approval rate, it's clear that things have never been worse for the Prime Minister. With the data showing Trudeau's lowest approval rate since he started as Prime Minister back in 2015. 

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As of now, only 35% of Canadians are happy with Trudeau's performance, in contrast to the 63% rating he had received during a similar study that was done after his first month in office. To make matters worse, while 39% of Canadians responded "strongly disapprove," only 8% said they "strongly approve" of the PM.

For every province surveyed, there are more people who disapprove of Trudeau than approve of him. But, there are a handful of provinces that dislike Canada's PM significantly more than others.

With that in mind, we've compiled the province by province statistics and ordered them from least to greatest disapproval rate. So if you are curious as to which province currently hates Trudeau the most, keep scrolling! 

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Atlantic Canada

Disapproval rating: 49%

Approval rating: 44%

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Disapproval rating: 52%

Approval rating: 42%

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British Columbia 

Disapproval rating: 53%

Approval rating: 38%

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Disapproval rating: 59%

Approval rating: 37%

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Disapproval rating: 60%

Approval rating: 30%

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Disapproval rating: 78%

Approval rating: 18%

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Disapproval rating: 79%

Approval rating: 20%

Source: Huffington Post 

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