A little celebratory love from the Prime Minister. Justin Trudeau's Instagram post is a throwback picture of his dad to celebrate Canada's Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The Queen also makes an appearance in the photo he posted.

On April 17, the 38th anniversary of the charter that his dad helped make happen, the Prime Minister took to social media to celebrate the milestone.

In an Instagram post including a photo of his dad signing the charter, Trudeau wrote that "it underpins who we are as a country, and at its heart is the notion of choice."

That same day, during his press conference outside of Rideau Cottage, Trudeau also addressed the charter.

"It protects the rights of each and every one of us to be who we are, to worship how we want, to love whom we love," he said.

With choice at the heart of it, Trudeau noted that we can choose the life we want for ourselves because of it.

He also went on to relate the charter to the current situation Canada is in with COVID-19.

"As our country confronts this pandemic, I'm especially grateful that Canadians have chosen to protect each other and care for one another," he said.

In both his posts on social media and his daily address, Trudeau didn't actually mention his dad even though he had a role in making the charter happen.

Along with the Queen, Pierre Elliott Trudeau signed the Constitution Act back in 1982 when he was Prime Minister.

That gave Canada control over its own constitution and guaranteed the rights and freedoms set out in the charter as law.

A collaborative process between the government and the provinces that began in 1980 is what led to that happening.

"To everyone who has stayed home and followed public health recommendations, thank you," Trudeau said in his address. "Making that choice together today will ensure that we remain who we are as Canadians for generations to come."

In March, he got celebrities to help him urge Canadians to stay at home to keep everyone safe from COVID-19.

Trudeau has followed in his dad's footsteps in the past.

They both won a majority in their first election and won a minority in their second go at it.

Also, they both had their campaign planes hit and damaged by a media bus almost 40 years apart. Eerie!

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